Stuff for the web.

TSA Randomizer: Selects a random queue like the TSA


Nim: The Game of Nim. Can have parameters for the colours (to show colour names click on blank space) eg


Monty Hall: Play the paradoxical Monty Hall Game


Hangman: Play hangman with an SVG hanging man. (clue: all secret words are CSS colours)


StopWatch: A digital stop watch with an analogue ¹/₁₀th second hand.


Hamlet (Prince of Denmark) by Shakespeare, with dynamic Act_Scene_Verse_Line numbering. All parts fully named. http://quentinuk.github.io/hamlet.html

Gaelic: a shorthand link to a Gaelic dictionary at a given word and page. eg the Gaelic word “leuma” on page 353 of the dictionary


RegEx: for Regular Expressions testing and development.


SansAmp: a solution to Google replacing & with &+and+; in hyperlinks.

SquaresTester: for the Panoramio Group: Square Shots. Every photo in the group is tested for squareness.

UsersTagsMap: for Goole Maps. Putting on the map all the photos for the given user(s) and tag(s). [Google has closed down Panoramio now so this doesn’t work any longer.]